I received this email from TIJ.. LOL

** Hello Fellow Inspectors, ** Hello Fellow Inspectors!

We’re growing! Thanks to the inspectors in the TIJ family, we are now the world’s largest independent resource for home inspectors with more than 7500 visitors each day and a newsletter that reaches thousands of inspectors across the continent and overseas.

If you take some time to stop by TIJ’s home page, you’ll see some changes. We’ve added an online store and have finally gotten around to revamping our downloads library. I’m pretty excited about the downloads library; and I hope that, once you begin using it, you will be too. As time permits, I’ll be moving all documents from the old downloads section into the new downloads directory. When that’s completed the old downloads library will disappear.

The new library is broken down into categories that will make it easier for members to find documents of particular interest. It will also enable TIJ’s members to upload linked files directly to TIJ instead of e-mailing them to me with a request to add them to the downloads section.

There’s more to come as we continue to work on improvements to the site, so stay tuned and thanks for being part of the TIJ family.

  Mike O'Handley, Editor.         
           **Thanks to our TIJ Contributors

I have not checked out the “new and improved” site, but I kinda doubt it comes close to this site.

Tod you are only one of many who received this in the last couple of days sonds like Mike is getting desperate and trying to generate some activity.
I was led to believe he is trying to get some one to buy his site


Maybe Mike O’ should try selling his website in Moscow or Beijing the brand of Totalitarianism preached there might be more in tune with Mike’s politics. :smiley:

Some gutless wonder gave me a Red box for calling Mike O’ a commie, bet the low life would $hit his pants if we met face to face. :mrgreen: :twisted: :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted: :mrgreen:

O’Handjob does more censoring on his site than Hannigan…and that says a lot. He consistently monitors the threads for new posts and immediately deletes a post that contradicts him or is critical of anything to do with his site.

It fully explains why the traffic is so low and why the site attracts the small handful of numbnuts that it does.

It is nothing more than an electronic ego trip for a very, very strange dude.