I received this warning to inspectors. Posted with permission.

So why exactly does our organization have a banner add and link on thier website? If they are not well-regarded within our industry, this needs to be addressed ASAP.

my 2 cents…

I see the NACHI banner is still on this website??

  1. This company’s website has a banner and link to NACHI claiming that it is a partner. This is obviously factually incorrect or Nick wouldn’t have begun this thread. I can assure you that the members of this organization will not be silent until you remove the misleading link.

  2. If you company is legitimate, and you require the background information, then it is your cost of doing business. No legitimate employer would ask applicants to pay for this.

  3. The letters you have posted from AGs, if you actually read them, are misrepresented by you, Mr. Vincent. Obviously, they have your information from the people that have filed fraud complaints against you. The letters you post are meaningless and are not what you imply, an indorsement from these Attorney Generals that you are fraud and scam free. The one from Florida doesn’t even know to what complaint you are refering.

  4. You claim that you have been in business for 30 years, but the company was started in 1982. According to the mathematics I was taught, that is 25, not 30, years. 5 years is a significant amount of time.

Pointedly, sir, I don’t think you could tell the truth if your life depended on it.

In effect…all NACHI members are what make up NACHI…therefore…

$20,000,000.00 x 10,000 members = $200,000,000,000.00 !!!

Works for me !!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hey Nick,

Tell Jay that I think he is a liar and a crook and his company is a fraud. Ask him where to send my address so her can sue me. Does he think thayt listing has lawyers on the bottom of his letter is suppose to scare someone? maybe he should start by suing the BBB for his company’s unsatisfactory rating.

Actually, In Illinois, if you do an inspection of a condo, townhouse, SFH or multi-unit resiential building of 4 or less units, in the process of a real estate transaction (which a forclousure is) and inspect 2 or more systems, you MUST be a state licensed home inspector.

Architects and engineers ARE NOT exempt!

Hope this helps;

Thank you very much fellow NACHI MEMBERS, Always nice to know someone is looking out for your best interests.

The same goes for Wisconsin. He better get his guys out of here or the will be run out on a rail AFTER they pay a hefty fine.

I Googled “C & H Law Group”. The only place this name appears is in this thread. I Ask’d “C & H Law Group” and it didn’t appear at all. I Yahoo! “C & H Law Group” and it only appeared in this thread…twice. I Live Searched it and it did not appear. I then searched for the attorneys of record. Same thing…nothing.

As a litmus test, I entered attorneys I found on random Web sites into searches using their name in quotes plus the keyword “attorney”. Every single one of them showed up. I then repeated this using no middle initials, and they all still showed up but in a different SERP order.

I then searched the various lawyer directories and databases for the attorneys of record. Neither Mr. Brian Hines nor Ms. Dianne Smitheson appear in any directory. Additionally, no combination of “C&H Law Group” nor “C & H Law Group” nor “C and H Law Group” appears in any lawyer directories or databases.

That doesn’t mean they don’t exist, mind you. But, if they do exist, they sure as heck don’t want to be found.

Appears that the Business is Selling Background checks…