I rented a large home in Breckenridge, CO for next week. If any member wants to...

…join me and other InterNACHI staffers up in the mountains, you are welcome to stay with us. Email me at fastreply@nachi.org if interested. We pack up the InterNACHI office on Sunday and move it up there for a week. Dale Duffy is coming. Another member from California is flying out to hang out with us. I must warn you though, we work round the clock for that week.

Thanks Nick…Bill Warner is also flying in…see you Sunday…!

Hmm, what will you guys be doing up in this mountain hide away?

Thinking. You should come up for a day or two Dom.

I wish I could, I could use the break. I’ll be at the InterNACHI Texas meeting for 3 days to show off HIP.

Bummer, obligations knee deep next week. Appreciate the offer, would love to meet you guys as well as the few that say they are already coming .

What? No April 20th celebrations? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a couple inspections in Breck next week, and I will be skiing there on monday. I may drop in.

What an invite.
To bad I’m broke and am barely walking :slight_smile:

Would love to be there but way too busy to leave town even for a day. Also have to get ahead of my month since we are taking 10 days in Italy at the end of April. Might drive up for the day on Sunday though what time are you all getting there. Would love to finally meet up with Dale in person.

We don’t get access to the house until 4PM. If you want to do dinner, call me on my cell: 720 272 8578.

Hi Chuck,

Bill and I may be there before Nick, our flights arrive in the morning Sunday, we should be in Breckenridge by 3:00 3:30 weather permitting.

Bill and I are staying at the Marriott, I’ll call you when we get to Denver, I hope to meet you too, please try to make it Sunday evening if you can.

I looked at the weather forecast earlier today, I don’t own winter clothing, I’ll be going to Cabelas tomorrow and PRAY they have a PARKA or similar, its supposed to be 4 degrees Sunday night, and in the 20’s during the coming days this week ahead.

I tore the crotch out of my old Snowmobile suit I wore when the temperatures plummeted to 40 degrees last December, but if worse comes to worse, I’ll wear that into the Marriott, etc—:shock:—:lol:

By the way, I bought the Snowmobile suit specially for temperatures below 50 degrees here in Phoenix, I never been on a Snowmobile.

Dale, I have a couple nice coats you can borrow. I live at nearly 9,000 feet so it will feel like t-shirt weather to me.

Sounds good, Nick.

I doubt I’ll ever experience 4 degree temperatures again, unless I’m on some bizarre quest to the arctic circle…

(with a gun to my head)…:lol:

Temperatures below 40 degrees make my teeth rattle.


See you tomorrow, Nick, we gotta be NUTS…!!!

Hope you all can make it to Breck Dale. I drove to work this morning here in a blizzard. Most of the day I-70 has been shut down due to inclimate weather. Let me know if you are in Denver for any period of time and I will do my best to meet up with you and Bill. Don’t have the time to get out to Breck and back in a day so I won’t make it to there. If you end up here for a bit my cell is 720-988-3387. Of course you already know that. Have a great trip guys.

We’ll be at the Denver airport at 11:30-noon tomorrow, will that work—:stuck_out_tongue:

Will have to see how my morning goes. You guys need to be really careful driving. Make certain you get an all wheel drive car. That’s probably the only thing they will give you. I was just looking at the road conditions and they aren’t good but at least the highway is open again. It will take you a while to get to where you are going so go ahead and prepare for it. Hope to catch up with you all. Have a safe trip.

Bill is from Ohio. I’m sure he can handle driving in snow. I don’t think Dale will be behind the wheel there.:wink:

Watch out for the Rental Car Agency lady!!! :mrgreen: