I rented a large home in Breckenridge, CO for next week. If any member wants to...

Just checked the roadways and I-70 is reopened in both directions. Roads should be pretty good today with all of the sunshine just watch out for the black ice. Gets a little tricky at times. Be safe.

Sounds cool, enjoy!


I want to Thank You for the hospitality in beautiful Colorado. We had a great time, well worth the mini-vacation.


Thanks for coming up Dale.

Chris and I sitting on each end of that long table. We plan on working all night.

Yes, Thank you Nick and Chris! Beautiful part of the country you get to work and play in!

Certainly a testament to your dedication as you all continue to work even while on a vacation!

I luv it when great minds come together I feel something good coming:D

Dale and Bill,
Wish I could have had the time to meet with the 2 of you while you were here. Let me know when you are coming back and I will schedule the time in advance.

Thanks for the invite to dinner. Sorry I couldn’t make it but you know how it is around here. If you are booked solid, as we are, you don’t take a chance going up the hill in bad weather as you never know if you will make it back down.

Dale is returning to Boulder in a few weeks. Maybe then.

You won’t have any trouble keeping the beer cold!

Please keep me informed and I will make it a point to get over to Boulder. You can reach me through my office or on my cell phone.

Here is a picture of me and Bill trying to hold our composure in 10 degree weather at Hoosier Pass with a 20 mph wind…:shock:

As you can see, I wasn’t exactly dressed for the occasion, because I don’t OWN ANY WINTER CLOTHING…:lol:

Wow… you guys need to get out more!!! :wink:

Lack of oxygen tends to pale the skin… just sayin… :slight_smile:

The elevation here on the coastal plain is about 50 ft. above sea level. I really feel it when I get above 9000 ft. Looks like I just missed crossing paths with you and the Duffster. Maybe next time, I’ll be going to Denver a lot in the future.

My ears popped as much driving as they did flying…
Love to meet up again with you in the future! We may be making a few more trips as well.

I’m just glad we got out of that building safely. What are the odds that we hold a meeting on commercial inspections, and during the meeting…the building catches on fire?


LONG ODDS… Especially…Directly above your head, truly unbelievable.