I Saw Sarah Palin in Tyler TX - Wow

Excerpt from Sarah Palin’s speech (video)

Sarah Palin really delivered a detailed and passion filled speech.


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You gotta admit, she was right about drilling in ANWR. Had we listened to her instead of the environmentalists, we could have walked right up to the leak and shut it off.

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When did environmentalist encourage drilling in deep waters?

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Duh, when they forced the out of shallower waters.:roll:

The article below was written in 2006

It’s Time to End Restrictions on Offshore Oil Drilling

The United States is the only nation in the world that has placed a substantial amount of its oil and natural gas potential off-limits. This includes restrictions on drilling in most of the nation’s offshore areas.

The Evolution of America’s Offshore Anti-Energy Policy

Domestic oil and natural gas production has failed to keep pace with growing demand, but this is not because the nation is running out of energy. In the 1990s, the federal government placed severe restrictions on new energy development, especially in many promising offshore areas.

At the time, oil and natural gas were cheap, and the need for additional energy was not seen as significant. In addition, the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil tanker spill led to heightened environmental concerns about offshore energy production. The political path of least resistance was to give environmental concerns precedence over future economic considerations.

As a result, access to 85% of federally controlled offshore areas has been restricted.

In order to avoid gov’t restrictions, law suits and environmentalist challenges, oil drilling companies have had to search for locations to drill that were less likely to be blocked by the greenies… thus causing them to move further from the shoreline.

When someone is right, I’m the first to admit it and Palin was right. ANWR was the perfect place to drill. If there had been a leak, it is so cold up there that the oil would form into jello and would be easily cleaned up. Should a leak occur in ANWR, they could just have me or my Aunt Penny walk over to the valve and close it.

Also, ANWAR is 19 million acres and the slant drilling could be accomplished from an area less than 10 miles by 10 miles with my aunt Penny sitting next to the valve, ready to close it if a leak would occur.