I saw the new InterNACHI Office/studio space today!

I stopped in to discuss a few final points about the Log Home Inspection course and we took a look at the new InterNACHI office and studio building.

This place is huge and was crawling with people who were in the process of turning it into a complex with generous office space and a large, accoustically-controlled film studio with a catwalk and lighting towers. The studio will be readily-expandable to a really large area with lots of room left over for storage of a variety of props and equipment for classes, meetings and shows.

The high ceilings are supported by big heavily-cambered, free-span steel I-beams. Two big overhead doors in the back provide access to allow trucks, trailers and forklifts to move heavy equipment in and out. Want to shoot a septic system inspection show with a full-size septic tank under controlled conditions? Hey, No problem!

When we were there it still had that basketball court feel and sound, but at the rate things are happening it’ll be ready for filming and office operations soon; nine days according to Nick, and I believe it.

You can feel the potential and energy just walking around in there. It’s a great space, congratulations Nick!

That sounds awesome. I think I’ll miss the little garage though :smiley: I’m looking forward to my next trip up to see the new space!

We’re working 2 shifts every day to get it done and we’re ahead of schedule.

Congrats…love to visit some day :slight_smile:


I just got home. Finished. Project took 9 days and 9 of my Mexican buddies to complete. I’m exhausted and I have to shoot on location tomorrow morning with Moisture Free Warranty.

Get some rest Nick… thanks.

Congratulations, where are the pics!

Hey Kenton, Could you upload the inspection report on the studio? (lol)

I like your choice of words…

“You can feel the potential and energy just walking around in there. It’s a great space**,** congratulations Nick!”

Here’s one that I took a few days ago. The little one riding her bike is Willow Mae (1 1/2 years old). My little ones ride around in the huge open space while I work on getting the offices and studio up and running.
willow in studio 1.jpg

willow in studio 1.jpg

Looks like she’s having fun. Congrats guys.

That place looks far different than when I was there a month or so ago. Might have to go back NACHI TV round 2.

Today’s new PIC: http://www.nachi.org/inspectorchannel.htm Scroll down.