I should write a book

It simply amazes me how some people escape the grim Reaper

Contractor installed a gas furnace and WH into a basement chimney unlined that terminated in the attic. The chimney was not capped just a had a pipe stuck thru the roof like all the carbon monoxide was suppose to automatically go into the pipe.

It amazes me how commonsense escapes people or well hmmm its just plan old laziness. :roll:

You do something long enough and you will have all you need to write a book. Just ask any ER doctor or nurse, or contractor, teacher.

Experience is the culmination of doing something real.


If time was a teacher I could write a dozen books

I’m pretty sure you could write a damn good book. Your a natural storyteller.

Writing a book is a more trouble than it’s worth. Just post those stories right here Charlie, you’ve got an audience who appreciates them and shares some of those experiences…

I can see the cover art now.

A cow eating cabbage on a steep pitch roof, wearing a red hat. :mrgreen:

After all these years ya finally have me figured out;-):smiley:

:|.) :mrgreen:

How 'bout a “How To” book?

We got them there new fangled “can lights”, and a great way get rid of bathroom steam-just hook the bath van to the gas furnace vent, it’ll cook the steam and expel it through the roof! :|.)




Red Neck installations. Wow. :slight_smile: