I smoked um again today???

The temp started to show in this shower wall back side to the faucets and my first thoughts was the water pipes were transmittiing temp through the wall so I just kept an eye on it and about 1/2 hour later the water started showing at the bottom and started growing in size

Nothing like Blue Shag Carpeting in a bathroom Charley, that will hide most issues—:smiley:

What were you inspecting a Super-6 Motel? (in a bad part of town)----:cool:

Do you have a set standard/protocol for testing plumbing fixtures?

Run time, number of toilet flushes…

The reason I ask is I do and have found it fairly reliable for latent type leak detection.

What are your standards Barry?..I let the showers run the whole time I’m at the inspections, fill the tubs to the brim (once), flush the toilets everytime I check the showers----:smiley:

Here is mine from last week.
The realtor asked if he could shut off the shower, it running so long.
look what showed up! :o

  1. is the ceiling below.
  2. is the outside shower wall.
  3. is moisture detected through the tile floor.

Yes I sure do but have been changing it somewhat since the camera. I am a shower pan terrorist

The realtors all know I will break their arm if they turn my water off

Great shots David I also have another of a pan leaking and was detected beneath the floor tile and confirmed from the crawl space

No believe it or not was in an upscale neighborhood senior citizen blue carpet


ditto except for showers get a filled pan flood test with a modified plunger and then allowed to run after drain function is verified.
Toilets minimum 3 flush
Tubs, sinks and lavs with overflow get tested to that point with trickle after

I drain all fixtures at the same time per each location giving toilets a final flush at that point

Wet vac is still in the box, knock on wood! :wink:

Seems we’re all doing the same and touch my lights, HVAC, or water systems and your’re toast :slight_smile:

Found some leaks at one particular builder running the showers for a long time. Their initial response was - “Well he ran the shower for 30 minutes! You don’t take showers that long!” I had prepped the client pretty well on what to expect from the builder’s response. He actually called the city code department to check if there was a “official time that showers should run and not leak.” The head code guy laughed at him and said (obviously) there is no time…they shouldn’t leak.

I also advised him that the builder would be very responsive and try to send someone right out to “tear out everything wet and repair it right away.” But that he should insist on a mold inspection before any work was started. Sure enough the builder did exactly what I said, but he held firm. Guess what the mold inspection found…

The builder hates me.