I spoke at length with Mike Pritchett about the new Kansas Law.

Mike is the Chapter President of that other association out of Minneapolis that I don’t much get along with. The phone conversation took place on Wednesday before my first communication with Jeff Barnes.

Anyway, we’ve agreed to let the past be the past and work together to help the inspection industry in Kansas.

We also agreed to each let the other know of the date and place of the first Kansas Home Inspector Board meeting and to meet at that meeting.

Mike seems like a good fella.

We invite all to join us.

All home inspection organizations are in business to make money. That is all. I am currently in St. Charles IL for a car show, and received so many calls that I have to respond. I will be at the first board meeting. It is all about egos guys. The only reason licensing in any state is needed is for the special interest groups to make money. I am done. I will be back Tuesday. What do you think Dan? You are in deep with all of the organizations. I would like to hear your say.

Whatever ASHI and NAHI decides as to how to go from here, remember that NACHI HQ did nothing to help during the process of formulating/opposing this legislation.

NACHI HQ is here, today, for the “benefits” to be derived from the efforts of others…and does not deserve a seat at your table.

Jim writes:


As Jim reiterated earlier, InterNACHI’s long-standing policy prohibits InterNACHI from opposing legislation unless it isn’t association-neutral.

Members who favor it are free to support it.

Members who oppose it are free to fight it.

…and carpetbaggers who come in, like buzzards, after the war has been fought and expect a seat at the table should be tarred, feathered and run out of town.

I somewhat agree. We did not submit a name to the Governor for a seat at the table (board).

I’ve been on the east coast for several days and out of touch. Will be back next week. Talked to Mike Pritchett on Wednesday PM - he’s been called up for the storm in Florida. He’ll be out of contact for awhile.

In response to Nicks comments about the board - hes 100% right. NACHI probably submitted no names for the Home Inspection Board. How could he?? Read the law.

I have it at home, but not with me - BUT - The original Kansas Bill required a potential Board member from the home inspection sector to have been in business maybe 3 years and 300 inspections (don’t remember exactly). SOMEONE helping realtors write the Bill we’re told, got that reworded to say a home inspector member of the Board needed 5 years in business and 1,000 inspections to qualify for the Board.

That basically eliminated **MOST **of the rural or small town inspectors (a rural inspector doing 75-85 inspections a year and in business for 12 years would not qualify for the Board). In Kansas this eliminated ALMOST every group of inspectors - other than ASHI - and it did not EVEN have to use association specific language to accomplish the task.

In looking at the make-up of our state inspection associations, ANYONE working with ALL associations as “brothers-in-arms” would immediately recognize that fact, and realize he was screwing the other groups and setting the Board make-up to be totally 1-sided.

No wait, that can’t possibly be - Heck, even a dog could see that!!!

We must be lying again …

Thanks Dan.

Do me a favor and fix up your school site to include an InterNACHI logo www.nachi.org/logos.htm I catch hell over it.

This is taken directly from the ASHI model legislation. That’s why it was put into this bill.

So with J. Barnes being ASHI and getting help maybe from ASHI staff or ?? he dropped that into the Bill … Cool.

Sure helps cut down on the competition.