I still have money in my budget for coats for poor kids. If you know any kids who...

If you know any kids who need winter coats and can’t afford them, put them in contact with me.

I will try to come up with a name or two. My wife the Realtor just had their Charity auction and Raised several thousand of dollars and donated it to the city police department FOP for their toys for kids program

They are looking for coats and I’m sure would love nice donation from InterNachi http://www.wsoctv.com/family-focus/steves-coats-for-kids

Sure is nice to see People helping others thanks for all who do much appreciated … Roy

Nick I have a police chief in Tonkawa Ok that knows kids that needs coats how do we get you to together. I have his personal Phone #

I would love to buy his kids new coats. Have him email me fastreply@nachi.org with the ages and sexes of his kids and what colors they like and any other information he can provide and his shipping address.

I will contact him tomorrow

Thank you very much

I will let you know as well Nick. I run our local Food Bank and will check what is needed. Thanks for all you do


Can I pass your email address to my spouse who is a Resident Service Coordinator? She deals mainly with family projects and the local PAL center.


My favorite charity is st. Jude’s cancer research hospital for children. I’ve been helping them out as long as I can remember. Just remember everyone if your child had cancer they’re there to help you.
I posted this years back it’s called The Law of reciprocity. If you give honestly with your heart you will reap more rewards than you can ever imagine.
That is true just ask the giver and you will find out that he usually needs nothing.


We may not always agree but you are the most generous Business Man I know. Regardless of how I feel about the cronies that run the Forum you have always been a great guy. It is a shame we lose so many members because of them. Take Care and Happy Holidays.

Michael you sure seem to be a bitter man. I think you have a lot to be grateful. Merry Christmas

Bitter? I want Nick to know what a Great Guy he is despite the people who he is associated with by default being the founder and all.

Shipped another 4 dozen coats today.

InterNACHI: Bringing warmth into the world, once child at a time!!

Dan, I sent up a couple really warm coats to a family you alerted me to.

Yes I saw a picture of them. They’ll love them!!And the best part is they’ll be a little warmer this winter because you were so generous. Really appreciate what you do! Thanks so much Nick!!

Nick, did you and Kisha work something out for some Baltimore kids?

If they emailed me with the info I ask for, I shopped and shipped. Shipped a lot of coats this year.