I stopped counting @ 7

This central duct was so messed up I don’t think I have ever seen one this bad.

No Wyes installed the duct was just teed into the trunk line. The trunk and some of the runs had 90’s in use where 45degree turns should of been used. I had over 7 drops on a 12 inch trunk with virtually no air flow. Plus you don’t tee into the bottom of a round duct


“Plus you don’t tee into the bottom of a round duct”
That’s a new one for me, please elucidate.

Its about any condensate control in a attic install the seam on round duct goes up and no taps directly on the bottom prevents any possible condensate leakage above a finished ceiling. Different story in a commercial install above a dropped ceiling with rectangular duct that is insulated to the inside.

Tees are not used in a residential supply duct it should be a Wye as best engineering practice

But they (the installer) where cheaper than the reputable HAVC contractor!

Looks like FL ductwork. What a bunch of crap down here.