I sure hope

this wasnt done by a licensed company

484 NW 165 St. Rd. Miami #614 (Guttierez) 021.jpg

484 NW 165 St. Rd. Miami #614 (Guttierez) 025.jpg

Did you say the installers name was moron???


Howard, Fine, and Howard.

That was at one time the actual name of the trio. Larry fine replaced Shemp Howard for a period, and then stayed on after Jerry Howard (the original Curly) left the group. Larry went back to his music (he was a very good jazz saxophonist) and “Curly” Joe Dorrita joined the zany team (I never really cared for Joe Dorrita’s performance).

The term “stooge” was coined by Moe Howard’s early vaudeville partner, referring to Moe as the “Stooge”. The name better fit the Howard brothers and the name stuck.

Please tell me that’s an old motor and fan just sitting on top…

The wires have been cut–I don’t think it’s being used to move air across the coil in that unit.

Sometimes rooftop units that have been replaced will remain on the roof for a long period before being removed.

“Please tell me that’s an old motor and fan just sitting on top…”

Its the old fan motor being used to hold down the new fan motor. Almost looks like they just removed the top from another unit and threw it in this one. To secure it, they used the old motor and cover, turned it upside down, and screwed it to the frame.