I think we need a better search system

Does anyone agree?

No matter how fresh the info you are looking for and even if you type the exact words you typed then, if you try to use the built in one it is damn near useless in my opinion. I know there’s some way to type it in google to get WAY BETTER results but why not just fix ours?

Ough Oh I Hope I am Not in Violation of “Our” Code of Ethics by the mere mention of an improvement…

It has nothing to do with InterNACHI and everything to do vBulletin, the software provider used for this msg board.

I used to be an admin on another (non-inspector related) board that used the same software, and it’s just a weak point of vBulletin. In fact, the other board when through a massive overhaul to the (then) latest and greatest version of vBulletin, and the search feature got worse.

But that fact is, the search feature is still pretty powerful if you know how to properly enter in what you’re looking for. Or just use google to search this board for you.

I’m almost always able to find answers to questions, even if the answers were post 10 years ago.

I never seem to remember the google way because I rarely search :slight_smile:

Yet, you made a thread about it.

Because I actually spent over 6 minutes minimum looking for a specific post I MADE so I would not piss off the forum Nazies for lazieness.

I found one similar from Pre 2009 but not the most recent.

Maybe it GOT H A C K E D …Da da daaaaaa. Who knows.

I agree, I would think Nick could just build a new forum from scratch.

I’ve been complaining about this for a long time… now I use Bing and search “nachi forum xyz blah, blah, whatever you are looking for”.

Then what are you bitchin’ about…Huh?

Nick never ever wanted “stickies” which would keep the repeated request to a minimum.
Stickies at the appointed forum head would would keep a lot of this down…
But, OH ! NO! Nick wants his hits up.

Thanks Dave.

M.B. Nick does not do that. But I guess you do not know that.

Yup, that is all the Forum is for Hits aka Google Juice.

You took the words outta my mouth…Yep!

No problem, sometimes “xyz blah, blah, whatever you are looking for, nachi forum” brings different results.

Mr. Fetty
That is solely because of Nick. The more convoluted it is …HE thinks it is better for him.
He thinks he is a big time Goggle pig, but with the new algorithms he is in for a big surprise.
He will still be on top…No doubt, but he could be a lot better.
And he won’t be, By a very long shot.
Let’s watch and see.

I hope Google gets a virus and has to be rebuilt from the ground up and all that designed adwords lose their jobs and have to be roofers or septic pump out people.

Fuc*k No! What is the matter with you?
Go take another toke!
I pay to be on top! Yep!

There is NO OTHER reason I remain a Member as far as I know.

Hated by even some who mooch off of him, yet I am still here… You know the type. Pieces of crap who do not apologize even when they are dead a-s WRONG. PUNKS.

Might be why relevant info from 10 or more years ago comes back often.

That is what I found when I searched who got the Saudi job on google and then added Internachi

Should the NEC change because too many flippers don’t know how to install GFCI’s in kitchens? Of course not.

Think about it.