I turn 50 on Friday.

Happy Birthday

Been there Nick and not bad at all. Watch out for 55. Then after that just forget it. You just loose some function one day at a time. :mrgreen::wink:

Happy Birthday my friend. Hope you have many more.

Happy Birthday Nick!

“Your only as old as the women you feel”

happy birthday nick

50 is a milestone birthday.

I hope you have another 50.

Happy birthday. I have a T shirt from my 50th from 2 years ago, be glad to send it to you. Open up the board on Friday.

The first 50 to post send Nick a gift!!

Happy Birthday, and welcome to the Half-Century Club.

Happy Birthday Nick!

BTW Nick do you want Sean and i bring a walker for you when you come to Knoxville?

I’m looking forward to coming to Knoxville. It will probably be the best stop on my Tour.

Happy birthday Nick. Oh, to be young like you again.

Happy B-day Nick
The years slip by for sure. Cherish your 50th it should be a grand one. :twisted:

happy birthday, Nick

What??? What did he say??? Let me get my damned glasses. … What am I doing in here? Oh yeah, glasses. Wait, where is my computer. Ah crap, I gotta pee again. What??? 50??? Never mind

Happy belated birthday Nick. I guess that makes you about 40 when I started down this path you blazed. You’ve taken this organization a long way since then. Thanks for all you have done.

You are catching up to Me and Joe Ferry

I feel like an eighteen year-old. Are there any eighteen year-olds around?

Physically or Mentally Joe? Hell, I am just 18 during the day, just age when I get up in the morning. :):mrgreen:

My oldest brother just “turned” 18 two months ago.

:)So that makes you at least 17 and 3 months right.? :wink: