I voted early for the General Election.

After voting early this morning, using the touch-screen voting machine for the first time, its looking to be a higher than normal turnout at this point.
That was my observation, and also the election judges comments, as we were standing there, waiting to have our ID’s verified.
We had to stand in line (something I wasn’t expecting) some 10 minutes (which wasn’t too bad, as the line was moving pretty good) and then
got right in, and it only took a few minutes to walk through the whole ballot using the touch-screen, and I was out of there in about 20 minutes total.
And I had a cheat sheet, with all my answers, ready to just touch the YES or NO, and hit NEXT SCREEN.

Very easy, all in all, and now I’m glad I won’t be standing in long lines on voting day… :smiley:

I recommend it to anyone…

So, you admit you cheated…:p:p:roll:

I voted early, too.

Twice last week and once this week. I have three other precincts to visit in the next state over…I’ll go there next week…and then–it’s on to Chicago for non-stop voting.

Gee, this is fun!!!:roll::roll::roll:

Now my wife’s afraid the Gestapo will show up at our door. I’ll keep the shades drawn and the lights out–that’ll fool 'em.:wink:

I tried voting early Tuesday but the line was 100 people long out the door. Yeah, I’d say the turnout is higher. I’ve never had to wait during early voting.

Any chance we can have Bush leave office early?

LOL…Ya means he still there?

I’ll vote for that, even though the damage is done, so it probably wouldn’t matter.

My reason for voting early was to NOT have to stand in longer lines that I’m sure will be huge on voting day…
I just don’t like standing in long lines.:roll: