I Want My Nights and Weekends Back

These last couple of days have been rough to say the least.

Since dropping my phone in the bottom of a septic tank I have been going old school. Instead of leaving an inspection and having 90% of the report done I have to go home and input all of the info into the laptop for a couple of hours:(

I guess after a hundred or so septic inspections something like that was bound to happen.

I have the new phone ready to go for this weeks inspections and I will once again be mobile:cool:

Do you mean yellow pads, or just back to desk top? :wink:

This is why I have a back up phone in my bag. You never know when something will go wrong.

Nobody really cares.
Do you have any friends?

I think you do care Little Linas, you took the time out to read it.

Ouch! Definitely a good idea to keep your old phone when you upgrade or pick up a cheap Android tablet. I was at BestBuy yesterday and then had some for $100. Definitely worth it to have an extra device around.

I use my “back up” phone for inspections. It doesn’t have a sim card, but the programs still operate.

Now that it is time to update our phones, the phone which was my main phone, will become the back up.
I reset it to the factory specs, and then, just add the inspection programs I need.

I don’t like linas…(lower case)…
However, I don’t care either…
Really! s hit happens…Huh?

My iPhone just died Friday. This was the first iPhone I ever had, I just got it last year. I thought that like my old ATT flip phones, I could get a new one with all the numbers restored. I even lost my old flip phone once and ATT handed me a new one with all my contacts in it. But nope, Apple told me they can’t do that because they can’t power up the old phone. I was supposed to set up an iCloud account and back up the phone or something. What a disaster. I hate Apple.

Ouch, sorry Nick. Make sure your geeks setup your next phone (Android or iPhone) with a cloud account so that doesn’t happen again!

Yep…definitely Apples fault!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Nothing wrong with old school. Personally I can not see how to have 90% of the report ready when I leave the site but that’s just me, old school.

There must have been a lot of data stored on that phone.
Also, the price of phones is note worthy.
A Samsung 7 can be $800.00 and more!

Did you bother taking a plunge in the container to feel around for your telephone?
Its easy…Two guys hold your legs as you felt around.

Remember, there is a lot of data and money at stake not to mention having to write reports for 4 plus hours!!! :mad:

Maybe next time you will try to retrieve your phone and save some time and money:shock:
But then again, you might take the loss as a business expense. I don’t think anyone would blame you.:wink:

I concur. Although Apple is solid company they represent about 18% of the market share and losing ground IMO. Also you are locked in and pay for everything.
Much like CD education.

Nick, why did you purchase an Apple phone?
Not like you to box yourself in.:roll:
What’s you going to try next, buy a CD course?

I have been using Android after flirting with Microsoft’s phones years back. They are inexpensive but lack the technical bells and whistles other phones offer. Condo Bob Elliot made me aware of what phone OS are in the market place.

As to backing up your phones data.
If you have a Google account your in business. http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/how-to/google-android/how-back-up-android-back-up-phone-or-tablets-photos-video-more-image-meem-3606330/

All the best.