I want one of these new Sony Readers right away!

I want one of these Sony Readers right away!


I will buy you a lunch if you can tell me how to get one ASAP!

I can ship one to you in 4 days. Brand new never use

How much are they Mark?


Does anyone know what these cost usually? I can get them for about $13,900 so I’m wondering who I would market it to and if that is a good price?

I can get the Sony 500 Reader from Sony for 349.00 plus shipping. But they have a month back order. I can get one from Ebay in 4-5 days for any where from 400-529.00. Plus shipping. Cost more but it depends how soon you want to get your hands on one?

I can get them immediately. Wanna PM me?

Never mind.

Last night there were 300. This morning…nada. Grrrrrrrrrr…

I hear ya Wendy

I just found one at the Boston Copely Plaza Sony Store, they just received them!