I want the MB 2008 minimal version back.

That version worked will for me and it was easier to view.
All the available versions now suck.
Is there anyother way to change the theme colors…etc… ?

All the IT boys really have to do is change the color palette of the current minimal version but I too preferred the 2008 minimal.


Thanks, but I email them last week.

I don’t know why they fooled around with the versions and then bring them back half fast.

I like the 2008 version best.

Yes! but the 2008 minimal version removes the left sidebar.

Like I said. Nick doesn’t get it.

Must not!

Nick, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Does that compute?:mrgreen:

The 2008 minimal and our current minimal theme are pretty much the same with minor tweaks in color. Is there something that you miss from the 2008 theme that the current minimal theme does not provide?

With the 2008 minimal it didn’t have the left sidebar.
Which allowed the MB to be full screen.

Roy, I am on the Minimal right now, and there is no sidebar and full screen.
What is it you don’t like about that one?

It still isn’t the same.
The sidebar is gone but it isn’t full page.
It just remove the side bar only.

Refresh your browser.
The only thing I see wrong with --InterNACHI - Minimal-- is the color scheme.
It does not have the left sidebar and the MB is full screen.

I did and this is what I get with the minimal…
It is white and not full screen.

Then what the hell are you considering “full screen”??? THAT is full screen!

Tell you what you old coot!..
In another thread you just told me to put on my glasses. Fine. Then in this scenario… you can hit the friggin F11 key!!! :twisted:

It isn’t like the 2008 minimal.
The whole screen would be taken up, and it would have the light blue background like the current 2008.

Roy, may I ask why you need it that big?

Contact Chris, he’s the only one that can change it, but now it appears to be the needs of the few. ;):slight_smile:

I can see it better on my monitor.
I have to wear reading glasses.