I want to be Sarah Palin's intern.

I’ll even wear a blue dress. :wink:

Does she smoke cigars?

there just isn’t anywhere good this thread can go…lol…:roll:

Nick Lewinsky does have a certain ring to it…:slight_smile:

Post a picture of you in a blue dress.

Then we will talk about it! http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/36/36_12_6.gif

Sorry Nick!

as I said …this post was going nowhere good…Keep dreaming Nick…with Your family background…You’ll never get the security clearance to wear the blue dress…:shock::shock::shock:…although I could see the perks to the job…:wink:

It will take off as soon as he puts on the dress and post the pictures!

that indeed may make this thread more popular, but will not get Mr.Nick into the white house…jmho…jim…it is nice to have dreams however…:slight_smile:

I think he will make it to the white house some day!

But it will have nothing to do with him in a blue dress!

He might still be thinking about a blue dress at that time tho.

fo fo fum !!!