I want to reward the most helpful members who respond in the Emergency Forum.

Regarding our Emergency Forum where members can get instant help from fellow members while they are on an inspection or generating a report late at night: http://www.nachi.org/onsitehelp.htm

I would like to reward the most helpful members.

Please post the names of anyone you feel has been very helpful.

I’m going to ship them all something.

Damn I know I am out of that running as I never even go there :frowning:

Jeff, Jeff, Mike, Chuck, Dan, Fred, Marcel, Roy, Bob, David, Stephen, …many more helpful members got to go the next inspection :slight_smile:

Mike who?

I tried in the beginning but seemed like no one understood its purpose so I have not been there in some time. However you can always call or email me :slight_smile: as many do.

Ahhhhh I just thought of who Lawson likely :slight_smile:

Larson :shock:

Simply open emergency section and count how many times a guy is responding with helpful info.

Disregard the ones that chastise or insult.

Michael Larson has always been there for us

Emmanuel Scanlan
Dan Bowers

See that is why you won Member of the Year.

Just plain ole smart :slight_smile:

I second that idea.

Too many to list, but the one name that jumps out to me is: Jeff Pope

Jeff Pope yes

I didn’t even make this long list… I must be too busy doing inspections lol

I highly encourage nullifying any nomination that engulfs any thread with internet arguing like 7th graders

Who the fruck died and left you Queen? :twisted:

there’s two Roys here and I am one of them.


That’s funny! My uncle used to tell me when I started talking I always pronounced "T"s with an “F” sound and he would tell me “say truck David” much to his delight and my Mothers chagrin.:stuck_out_tongue:

My son was the same… I think the f uck may have been his first word. he sure loved trucks

LOL. Trying to make rules instead of answering teh question.