I was being watched

I always jump just a little when I see an animal (pet or wild) while passing my flashlight beam along the top of the foundation. I am concentrating on water infiltration, insulation or rot and the “eyes” get me every time. This guy was calm and just watching…had to get his picture though.

Funny i had the same feeling



Looked over to my left in the crawlspace this morning. Two glowing eyes were watching me. Little kitty gave me a bit of a startle until I realized what was down there with me.

One time in the past… I heard a rattle rattle. I did not pet it, I left the crawlspace without incident.



You found Mr Bottger’s neck tie! :|.)

Were you done for the day after that?

Hmmm… I may have needed to make a trip home :smiley:

Dogs seem to be more helpful:D

lol…can’t blame you for posting that generic picture and not stopping to take the guys “real” picture either Tim. I wouldn’t have either…lol

Stay safe,


Snake…would be my biggest fear under a house. Probably kill myself trying to leave.

Me too Wayne. Man every time I enter a crawl I’m thinking about it.


Bang around making plenty of noise and most snakes will retreat wanting to get away from you… Spiders are what gives me the willys… yuck! :shock: