I was just wondering how things are going for AZ Inspectors?

We have seen first Magnus go down and by all accounts(realtors, and Inspectors ) the market has dropped to the extent that most HI’s and Realtors are hurting. Is this true in your Biz?

If so, worry not it is just the cycle and all will be well in 2-4 years.

Hi Todd :stuck_out_tongue:

I say one more year but I’m not a betting man. The only good thing about surviving through this mess is that strong real estate cycles generally last about 10-15 years. After the next cycle is over I hope to be living in Nick’s hood around Estes Park watching Elk from my front porch. :mrgreen:

Hello Todd
I have been in business here in Phoenix for going on six years. This years work is so far down 60% from last year. I normally do the customary 275-325 per year. I will be lucky to reach 130 this year. Other well established inspectors that I know well are turning the same numbers. I do not see a change coming until after the next election. That’s my nickels worth!

Joe Brown
Corner Point Home Inspections

It is slow, but I did book an Inspection for Feb 08 today. :smiley:

When the Fed drops the rate it will improve.

Thats what I expected to hear.

The market in AZ has gone ( for me at leste) from 10+ a week down to 5 or less.

The market here is gone from amazing to abizmal.

I am sad about it, but in short order I will be off to Malasia (last I heard) as a tech rep. I was hoping and praying this would not come to pass, but I am at my end.

I will want to wish you folks all the best , and if you can wait out this $%## storm market you will be rewarded I am sure.

When I said I weas no longer inspecting… I meant I was no longer inspecting for the piece of crap company I was working for…, but it is what it is and as the market dives in my area I will leave it to the vets.

Going like gang busters in this part of the valley.
40 more this year to date from last year… Referred two this week alone to another inspector, 17 currently scheduled on the books…:smiley: :smiley:

I’m sure it has something to do with my professional, and nationally
recognized, additional certification.:wink:

Dan is the man.


That’s great to hear Dan:D, I just wish it was so good for all Hi’s.

I am sure it has something to do with your one of a kind nich in the HI market! Excellent!

Or maybe its because of your lowball prices.:wink:

Higher average that ole busshys:p :stuck_out_tongue:

Dang it another reddie,
I see mom is still around or is this from ms: crayola:twisted: :twisted:

Todd, if it’s not too late, don’t surrender. Make a tactical retreat, regroup, gather intel, and plan another assault on the market. You know the people in NACHI who can help you and those who would delight in your going out of business.


Market to Commercial Realtors, it seems no matter what the residential market does I continue to have a steady flow of Commercial inspections, even if they are just Office Condos their better than any home inspection.

Doing one or two Commercial inspections a week is like doing 20 residential price wise.

Todd, I thought you said a few weeks back that you were retiring, what happened?

I damn near pissed my pants reading that one! Did that crack you up as well, Danny?

let’s hope some of them start retiring…there’s only about 14,000 inspectors per square mile here…ok, that’s an exaggeration, it’s really 13,000 :stuck_out_tongue:

Hang in there, they are retiring or going out of business a pretty good pace.:wink:
A year ago there were over 1,000 in maricopa county alone, last count I heard , a couple weeks ago it’s down to 679

I damn near pissed my pants reading that one! Did that crack you up as well, Danny?

Naa. That one was mild compaired to some that I’ve received. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Fortunately the local nacho members that I know and occasionally hang out with have a lot more class and would not stoop that low.

How do you market to get commercial inspections?