I was only ten years old

When this baby rolled out of Detroit don’t make them like that anymore. From today’s inspect I opened the garage door and started drooling

526 Ridgewood Enid 5-5-11 028.jpg

526 Ridgewood Enid 5-5-11 029.jpg

did they let You take it for a spin Charley ?

No but I sure would luv to

You are not alone partner…

I hate inspections like that!!!..

I inspected a house with Hank Williams Sr.'s Cady in the garage a few years back!

You would look good in it Charley!

I was born that year.

Come on Charlie. 1937 minus 1955 doesn’t make you 10 years old back then.

ouch !

Easy now??? I was a war baby

Nice find Charley, sure would be nice to ride one of those.

I was only 5, damn your old. :mrgreen:

are they picking on the gerber baby

It took a few years for me to show up after the second World War when then and after all the boom booms of the bombs depleted and surrender was in sight, everyone went home and I was born. Hence the Baby Boomers. :):wink:

Charley must have been a Furlough Baby. :twisted::mrgreen: