I was purring along until....

I was about to answer the 32nd question of the final exam for the online “Safe Practices for Home Inspectors” course, when I got booted out.

Page not found - connection failure
http://toolbar.google.com/T5/intl/en/images/toolbar_sm.gif Oops! This link appears broken.


Google Toolbar Help - Why am

I guess I’ll have to wait until things get fixed.

Got this too:

Sorry, but some portions of NACHI.ORG are currently unavailable. Fortunately, the InterNACHI forum is still available, so while we’re working hard to get the rest of NACHI.ORG up and running, go ahead and enjoy the home inspection industry’s most popular forum.

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Oh well.

I tried again about 15 minutes later. Back on line and exam completed with flying colours.

Never mind;)