I was speachless. . .

The end of another long day (3rd inspection), I open the closet door. . .

and I mean really - what could I say? :roll:


I have seen this before…

In the Dr. Seuss movie, Horton hears a who!

How about-Where there any survivors?:shock:

Fortunately, it was an exterior closet. . .

Watch it !
Looks like a vacuum cleaner is getting ready to suck up that water heater.

Just trying to get ready for the big earthquake!

That installer was just a flexible kind of guy! :slight_smile:

When you’re blessed/cursed with 3 in a day one of them has to be a loser.

Along the lines of another post “new math” this is the plumber’s version of “new exhaust”.

Install flue in a P-trap configuration…once the gases make it to the top, it’s all downhill from there…the weir keeps that nasty So. Cal outdoor air from entering the system…:roll:

Well, if they are going to trap the gases on top doesn’t it need a cleanout.

Isn’t that Robot from Lost in Space?

Ya gotta admit it looks pretty cool!
It really does fall into the classification of “What in the F were they thinking?!”

Toooo Funny:|.)

That’s a good one Jeff.:roll:

Do you want to Nominate this one for an award?

I am sure we can easily come up with the Criteria and Award name. ha. ha. :wink:

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

The criteria and the award have already been determined and created.

See www.darwinawards.com

Honoring those who improve the species…by
*accidentally removing themselves from it! *

That’s a funny looking dryer

Upside-down “P” trap…

WOW, scary.

speechless …I’d have been laughing my butt off…jim

I have a question here, in PG County MD, brand new home-Ryan builders have a peice of this flue connected onto the orginal flue leading from HW Heater into the chimney area, you could tell that they made adjustments and used a piece of this flexible flue, as per the builders, this is OK per PG county code, and they are not willing to correct this issue for the buyer? what do you suggest?
they stated that because PG county came and signed off on the inspection for the final, this was ok, I of course told the buyers differently and I explained most times, the county inspectors are all in “who you know”
please reply as soon as you can the buyers go for a walk through tomorrow morning… thanks

The more I see from Jeff, the more glad I am that; A) I live in FL not CA, and B) we don’t have gas appliances here!! :smiley:


Have the buyer take your picture and report language on this issue to the local code enforcement office and ask them if they allow it locally.

You should also have the STATE Building Code Phone number handy so you or the buyers can call and ask them about it. The state guys are “usually” not suspect of being in the builder’s pocket.

Primary Technical Contact:
Jim Magliano
Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development
Maryland Codes Administration
100 Community Place
Crownsville, MD 21032
PH: (410) 514-7216
FX: (410) 987-8902
Email: magliano@dhcd.state.md.us

State Agency/Office Head:
Ed Landon, Director
Maryland Codes Administration
Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development
Divison of Credit Assurance
100 Community Place
Crownsville, MD 21032
PH: (410) 514-7444
FX: (410) 987-8902
EMail: landon@mdhousing.org

I often tell clients that building codes are “Minimum” requirements and I am looking out for the client’s best interest. Another thing I do - And I know Not everyone will be comfortable with this - is I’ll look my client’s straight in the eye and say something like "Look, I have kids (or nieces, nephews, etc.) your age. If one of my kids was having a house inspected and the inspector saw this, I’d want him to tell my kid about it – I don’t care what the local inspector or builder says”.
As I said, not everyone will be comfortable with saying stuff like that but it gets the point across. Most of my clients are young professionals. They almost always tell me that I remind them of someone’s father or uncle, usually theirs. I’ve had many parents of relocated young buyers call me to personally thank me for treating their kids like they were my own.

I don’t just take this approach with clients who are younger than I am. I have many times said to clients who are older "Look, if you were my brother …

The most important thing is that I am sincere when I say those things. I don’t care what builders, local inspectors or anyone else says, when I see something that is wrong, my clients are going to know about it.