I will meet you in Canada

I will meet you guys in Canada on Jan 10-11, 2009
for our IR Class… http://www.infrared-certified.com

If anyone needs this education, jump in fast. John puts it all in a compact informative format. You will learn a lot even if you don’t want to, because John is just so darn friendly you’ll feel bad if you don’t pay attention.

Good luck, John.

Bill Mullen

Thanks Bill… my mother told me I was lovable. :mrgreen:

Then leave your cowboy boots in Texas and pack a warm coat. Do you know how to stare down a polar bear? :wink:

No, but my wife does…:cool:

I just hope I can walk on the ice…:mrgreen:

People from the south fall down every 30 feet.!

Keep your boots on and come to Alberta. No polar bears but it’s -28 C right now.

Duct tape a pillow to your butt.

Not a bad idea…:mrgreen:

that not all true, some could understand that to be a sure sign of a tourist!

That is how we walk normally here … as long as we do not spill that beer :mrgreen:

Haha, obviously he knows how to counter balance that beer well.

I heard the conference went well.