I wish to file a complaint against Kelly Oldenkamp #21667

I am having difficulty finding a way to file a complaint against one of your members. A Mr. Kelly Oldenkamp #21667

Is he an Inachi Member?

Apparently in Texas, TREC # 21667.

Then you’re not trying very hard. There is a Consumer Protection Notice placed prominently on his website with instructions for doing so. This is not the inspector complaint forum.

I advise you to discuss any concerns you may have directly with him, review in detail any contract you have with him and review in detail the preamble in any report (assuming you are his client) that he provided to you first. If you are not his client, then in all likelihood you have no standing to file a complaint.


Since I am NOT HIS CLIENT, it would appear that it is useless to tell you about his (in my opinion) inept inspection report.

But even worse was his very rude behavior to my best friend a 76 year old who looks after the house for me who stopped to check when he saw someone in my house.

If you feel that he missed any defects, you can certainly list them on your disclosure.


Is this about the place on Thomas Ave? If you would like to discuss this offline my contact information can be obtained at the WEB site below.

Hello, Jerry. Please email me ben@internachi.org any details of the complaint. Thank you.

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Good work Ben.
Best to go through InterNACHI.
Anyone getting involved will likely be legally liable as expert witness or witness of fact.

Yes. OP stated as much.