I won the trifecta

This 1966? panel includes something for everyone, including green goo dripping from triple lugged nuetrals onto the breakers. (Break down of Dioctyle-Phthalate) . Would these wires need to be replaced? Also third time in three months I have found self tapping metal screws holding the dead front on. This screw was trying to tap into the main service cable. Am I paranoid or was there really a flash when I disingaged that screw!

That self-tapper is a booby trap, more than anything else!

Ouch! Whoever put that screw in should have it inserted in their brain pan!

I hope all of us are using electricians screwdrivers that can handle a jolt!

Did you also notice the over fused / double tap on the 60A breaker? Good catch on the screw.

Yes I noticed the double lug… missing gromets… and where is the GEC? sparkey said bad ground caused overheating of the wires causing green goo…HO replacing whole unit clearance and conduit issues also.

Since the ground plays no part in the normal operation of a circuit or the panel I don’t know how it caused overheating.