I work for a environmental company allready

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I want to become a lead based paint inspector / risk accessor.

I currently work for a company that does inspections on single family and multi family homes for HUD housing. When the inspector goes out and shoots the house for lbp I am the one that puts the report together and estimate the cost of removal of lbp before the home is sold. I have completed over 2000 reports since I have been hear.

I do not have a college degree. I am full time salary hear. I have the impression that no one hear wants to help me out. When I talk to the boss of the company all he told me was you need a college degree and have to pay thousands of dollars. He basically blew me off. I want to take advantage of the fact I work for a env company. I know all about the requirements and what needs to be done for HUD guide lines.

Is this something I can do on my own. I know there are some courses I have to take. My company does pay for it but it does not seem like they want to assist me.

Im 24 years old male and would like some advice. I live in PA phila suburbs.

From what I have gathered we pay about 300 dollars a house to an inspector for lbp. I have written reports for inspectors that have done up to 3 a day.

Do you really need a degree to do this. I work behind the scenes and I know I am very capable of doing this type of work.

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