I wouldn't recommend this IR camera to anyone...

I’m sending back a brand new IR camera. It’s the EXTECH i5 Compact IR Camera from EXTECH Instruments, a FLIR Company, Model IRC40.

The memory card that was included in the box does not physically fit into the memory card slot. After purchasing all different types of cards myself, I found the right type that fits into the slot, but the camera wouldn’t recognize the card. “Memory card is not present” was what the camera displayed, while the card was inside the camera. The included software that assists in writing a report is not MAC compatible. And now the camera just crapped out; it doesn’t even turn on anymore.

If it wasn’t three grand, I’d let my dog play with it.

What was the brand of camera that you used at Peach for years?

FLIR BCAM SD. Great camera. I recommend it to anyone I meet. I used that camera for over a year. It was pricey, but worth it. Large screen, easy to use, long battery life, physically felt good in the hand, I even dropped it a couple times. And then sold it for about $1000 less than what I originally paid for it - I basically rented it for less than $90 per month.

Did it make you money and if so, how?

This is what I have as well, an awsome HI tool great for confirming moisture and quickly checking BBE heaters, grease traps, water lines, and infloor heating.

Wow! It sounded like a great IR camera when I seen it advertised.:shock: O wait, that was the price.:slight_smile:

I believe that camera is the one with the 80X80 resolution good for spilled milk on the floor that one could see any way. When I was in TX the FLIR rep did not have any comment on that camera that was enough for me;-) </IMG>