IAC2 / Home Mtc Insp Postcards

Thought you guys would like to see what I’ve created-
If the buyer / seller mkt is slowing, let’s tackle the HO market - esp with waterfront ($) property.
A local Title company provides me with free demographic lists; I specified Hayden, ID waterfront homes as my first target, & sent out 100 the other day.
A local printer did 100 sheets of 4PC’s each, cut them into PC’s for me, for about $90 - color both sides.
So, each postcard costs about 18 cents plus postage.

This is a first, attaching pics on the new board, hope it works out . . .

Very eye catching Russ! Nice job. Would you be willing to share the front side by any chance? I have been pushing my IAQ services this winter too.

Sure, Scott-
as long as we stay on our own sides of the “Island”!
Maybe I’ll liberate some stuff from your site, eh?!:wink:

email me:

Scott, I still haven’t rec’d your email . . .

Nice looking Post Cards Russ, good luck with the marketing campaign. :smiley:


I am not posting my actual email link because I don’t want all the spam coming in from web bots. Let me know what you want off my site, I have a lot more that has not made it’s way up there yet. All I ask is that you host it on your own site so that my bandwidth limits don’t get killed.

Send me the other info on the meth testing too if you can.

Thanks Russ!