IAC2 release 3 new and different logos for Mold, Radon, Radon & Mold trained members.

We will make a requirement of membership that one only uses the logo that represents the training one has:



I remember you saying something about critics finding holes in NACHI and you plugging them.

Good call on this.

Hee hee. You caught me.

Do people who already HAVE Radon Certification get a chance to join even if they have never been through a ProLab training…?

How about those of us that took the training before there was a Pro-Lab?


I was in that position, having taken the 3-day ITA mold course, Pro-Lab accepted that education and asked me to take their exam which I agreed to, I would hope it would be the same for you.


Yes, you can join if you are NACHI members.

Wonder if thats the same for Radon Training…