Ian Mayer of IM Home Inspections Earns Certified Master Inspector® Designation

Ian Mayer Earns Certified Master Inspector® Designation
Woodland Hills, CA. (May 30, 2017)–IM Home Inspections is pleased to announce that Ian Mayer is now credentialed as a Certified Master Inspector (CMI)® , which is the inspection industry’s top professional designation.

The Master Inspector Certification Board has awarded the Certified Master Inspector (CMI)® designation to Ian Mayer for demonstrating the highest level of competency by completing 1,000 fee-paid inspections and/or hours of inspection-related Continuing Education, for having been in the inspection business for at least three years, for abiding by the industry’s toughest Code of Ethics, and for agreeing to periodic background checks.

Ian Mayer wishes to thank his clients and colleagues for their continued support of IM Home Inspections.

Special thank you to Scot Baker, Frank Rotte, Rico Sandoval, Bill Boerner, Eric Richards, Tim Spargo, Paul Lesieur, Keith Silvas for help and encouragement along the way, as well Condo Bob Elliot, Troy Pappas, Jonas and countless others for posting great information to be read on this board.
And of course, thank you to Nick and the entire InterNACHI staff!



Kudos to you Ian. You are more than qualified for the title. I hope it is all you dreamed it to be. Seriously.

Congrats Ian, all the best!


Thank you Scot. You and Frank are the main reason I have two inspections booked today instead of devolving into asking someone “do you want fries with that?” :wink:

Whoah! I got the Jonas stamp of approval.


Thank you Tim for all you do.

We still need to get that burrito soon. All my inspections this week are taking me in the opposite direction though. Soon though!

You are the main reason, I just helped when asked.

Congratulations Glad for you

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Congratulations Ian!

Congratulations Ian!

Congratulations Ian

Congrats Ian!

I have followed you for a couple years now and would have figured you were already a Certified Master Inspector.

Welcome to the club brother!

You have the drive Ian. You certainly could have done it without us, but I’m glad to have participated. Congratulations on your accomplishments. You are an inspiration for balancing work and family.

Congratulations Ian. I wish you all the best!

Thank you everyone!!

Now, I need to still figure out how to change my designation on this board, order new cards, new brochures, and update the rest of my marketing!