Ian Robertson

I just want to take a moment to thank Ian for all his hard work on completely redoing all four of my web sites.

I set up my first web site I guess 12-13 years ago and have struggled with them ever since. I really don’t have the time to manage them as they should or keep up on all the trends. Remember the link exchange from a few years ago? My web sites were full of dead links, that was just one problem!!!

So Ian took over the task of redesigning, cleaning up and has begun the proper SEO that all my sites need. He is also tying everything into social media and providing monthly blogs to all my sites.

I can’t say enough about Ian too, I’ve been self employed for 32 years now and I’m not always easy to work with, I know how I want things which sometimes is my reality and not whats correct. Ian took the time and patience to guide me through the process and I could not be happier.

I have full confidence my web sites are all properly maintained, blogs and other SEO work is ongoing and I am now free to manage my 4 inspection businesses.

If anyone is on the fence about thier web sites give Ian a call and at least talk to him. He is an inspector too, a great guy to talk too and understands the difficulties we face as inspectors.

Thank you Ian for giving me piece of mind about this end of my business!!

Yup - that’s Ian! :smiley:

Thanks Ian. Ian, email me fastreply@nachi.org your shipping address.

Thanks Peter, and you too Marc. You guys are awesome to work with. Its really cool getting to know and be friends with great inspectors like you!