IAQ testing device

I was talking to an HVAC friend of mine today who said that the Carrier dealers in the US have access to air quality sampling meters that are placed in the home for several days and then the particulants and off gases data are downloaded from the device. Apparently Carrier in Canada does not have these units and he is looking for one.

Does anyone know these units or similar ones?

There are all sorts of VOC testing devices out there.
Would it be similar to one of these?


Thanks David.

The second one sounds like it is a bit closer to what is described. The unit described had such a vast range of simultaneous sampling and recording of both particulate and gases that it sounded like it pretty well had all the bases covered.

Hi - We have one of those. in fact we supply them to the HVAC industry as well. We are NACHI members and have special pricing set up for NACHI.

We believe that IAQ screening is a great ancillary revenue stream for Inspectors and delivers a very valuable service to home owners AND Home buyers.
You can see more here - http://www.iaqu.net/content.aspx?i=211