IBS book (customized for each member) to hand to clients.


work in progress.

Way cool!! Hurry, hurry please, I want my own version.

Very nicely done. Good job.

When will it be ready for publication?

:eek: y’all can add me to yer list too

Is it intended to be an e-book or a printed copy to actually hand to clients?

Also, any idea what format it will be availabe in so we can customize it?

I like what I see so far!

Looks very good to me… Where and How do I sign up for it?:slight_smile:

This is a great marketing tool. Nice job.

Thank you Nick!! Another reason why NACHI is the place to be for home inspectors.

Nice job Nick. Sign me up.

NACHI continues to amaze me!
Thanks Nick

Another great resource from NACHI. Can’t wait for the finished product.
thanks Nick
David Matthews

Thats pretty slick. :smiley:

Will these be ready for the convention?

Looks like they are e-books, so likely it will be a customized version with your name & company that clients can download.

Great tool!

Nick, they gotta learn to spell “Boulder” in your demo . . .

Looking forward to putting that to use - thanks!

I like it!:cool:

I’d like to get one of those ceramic tile roofs.

My Captain is a plumber and I’ll be asking him if he had any employees that were as clean as the one on page 54…

Very Slick Nick, how much$$ and when will it be available, keep me posted

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Wow!! Sign me up, please!! This will be a great hit with current and potential clients.

I can’t wait until it is available. Great Job!!


I reall y like this idea, I email my reports and will love to include this for all my clients (hope it will be ebook format.) Thanks Nick for all you do! See you Saturday at the convention!

Best regards,

Tony Siegert