IBS pounding REALTORs with NACHI brochures.


Ibs ??

Irratable Bowel Syndrome (known, medically, as I Be Sick) :mrgreen:

Hope this helps;

Thanks Will, that sure is better than what I was thinking.:stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to know what it actually means though.

Me too.


What does IBS stand for?

Please don’t make me post it.:stuck_out_tongue:

Integrated Business Solutions www.ibsww.com

Thank you sir.:smiley:

Now thats tacky.

Where are the REALTORs being pounded?

No, really?

How will that make them call me.

How many brochures in a pounding? A peck? Have you a conversion chart you wouldn’t mind sharing Nick?:wink:

Are they sending any to Kentucky??

Can we have them sent to us, so we can make sure that they can be placed at the realtors offices that we do work with? Or so we can place them at offices that we would like to do business with?

WOW, Who needs CMI when you have… IBS :mrgreen:

Nick - I was one of the first 10 inspectors, and got a years free service from IBS. Went to the meeting in FL. Everything sounded great.

I need to generate new brochures now! - The people at IBS in FL have all my info. They said I will be getting a password into their system.

So far nothing. I emailed them and was told some people at the Fl meeting got stuck in the weather last week in NY, but I should have what I need by Friday - well it’s Tuesday - nothing.

Any idea what’s going on - are they real? or just talk?



What Realtors? Where?

Ken, we are sorry you had been overlooked I know Nick has had a lot on his mind these past few weeks leading up to the Convention, your information never got to me to welcome you on board. However, it was great talking to you last night. All things should be up and running by today.

Case you need to contact me you can always reach me at (954) 592-0304
To your Success,

Dennis DeMarco

Ken think yourself lucky, I have paid to get the same kind of response you are getting from them. I got a phone call yesterday with the latest excuse, it is they now have a virus on there system. When I signed up at the convenshion I was told within 72 hours I would have a web site and have filled in survey and IBS would be working on getting me leads. Well it’s been over 2 weeks I have a web site from them which nobody will no about & still no survey so still no working on getting any leads. I think I should have keeped my money in my pocket.

Hey Nick;

The real estate world is evolving into an almost completely paperless environment. My business is almost entirely functioning through email and of course the internet. The brochures are nice, but a monthly “Quality” email communication from NACHI would be great. I have realtors tell me all the time that their in boxes at the office are filled with flyers, papers, debris that they never look at. An email allows flexibility, requires almost no physical effort to obtain or view and it’s attached to them, either by notebook, desktop or hand held device. The quality photos of your NACHI Foundation smoke alarm program look fantastic on a computer screen. They’ll look much more interesting to the agent than a three fold brochure…

Who’s in charge of the NACHI email data base and or those prior mass emailings?

Keep up the great work, Go NACHI!