IC Home Inspection Software Announces Special Deal for InterNACHI Members

See attached PDF.

Have you tried this?

No. Kate is InterNACHI’s in-house editor (not an inspector).

Oh OK, has anyone used this, just curious.

Watched the video and it looks checklist style.
No sample reports should send out spidy senses tingling.

You need to get a personal sales call for that from what I can tell.

Thanks Bob,

I was just curious. will stay with PV #4 as PV #5 doesn’t allow you to annotate pictures.

Photoscape Ron


I’ve gotten so used to it for annotations, I can go through and annotate pretty quick, may be even a time saver compared to annotating within your program, no matter what it is. There’s a bunch of tools in there to correct pics as well.

Ahhhh. photo scape… How is pv 5 working out Tim?

Also still using 4 myself

Still using 4 for most things as well. The layout for 5 is really cool… some of the other stuff, what can I say.

I really have gotten use to Photoscape though… seems to be a plus when needed.

I pushed Photscape years ago however it does not load as fast as others .
Takes an extra second or two.
Still good for many things however it is missing other basic features.
Faststone is amazing fast for captions.
Photo filtre is great for Gamma correct which is much more automatic than fussing with contrast and brightness.(personal favorite)
Photoscape has no fuzzy or color select features.
The others which all have one or two things they do better or faster than others are Gimp,Paint.net.Photoclip,and Serif Draw Plus.
Inkscape is great if you take time to learn along with Gimp so you might avoid them if rushed.

Cool. I have tinkered a little with 5 myself.