IC rated recessed lights

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Does anyone know when IC rated recessed lights first came on the market or required by code or when they started to show up in homes. Is the difference from non IC rated fixtures the double wall? Is there such a thing as ring dams to keep insulation away? thanks

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Avoid the guessing game and contact UL for an answer to this type of question. Here are the links for the contacts from www.ul.com

Melville, New York
+1-800-595-9842 (voice)
+1-631-271-6200 (voice)
+1-631-271-8259 (fax)
John Cangemi, ext. 22852, e-mail: John.J.Cangemi@us.ul.com

Northbrook, Illinois
+1-800-595-9844 (voice)
+1-847-272-8800 (voice)
+1-847-509-6219 (fax)
Jim Dingman, ext. 41579, e-mail: James.D.Dingman@us.ul.com
Tom Lichtenstein, ext. 42160, e-mail: Thomas.R.Lichtenstein@us.ul.com
Jill Witt, ext. 42175, e-mail: Jill.Witt@us.ul.com
Al Ramirez, ext. 42905, e-mail: Alfredo.M.Ramirez@us.ul.com

Seattle, Washington
+1-425-778-2710 (voice)
+1-425-775-0688 (fax)
Bob Eugene, ext. 17, e-mail: Robert.Eugene@us.ul.com
Warren Shill, ext. 15, e-mail: Warren.Shill@us.ul.com

Santa Clara, California
+1-800-595-9843 (voice)
+1-408-985-2400 (voice)
+1-408-615-1949 (fax)
Howard Hopper, ext. 32347, e-mail: Howard.D.Hopper@us.ul.com
John Taecker, ext. 32570, e-mail: John.K.Taecker@us.ul.com

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
+1-800-595-9841 (voice)
+1-919-549-1400 (voice)
+1-919-547-6010 (fax)
Mark Ode, ext. 11726, e-mail: Mark.C.Ode@us.ul.com
John R. Wiggins, ext. 11502, e-mail: John.R.Wiggins@us.ul.com


British Columbia
+1-250-598-1286 (voice)
+1-250-598-1289 (fax)
Jack Robertson, e-mail: Jack.Robertson@ca.ul.com

+1-519-942-8962 (voice)
+1-519-942-9307 (fax)
Bob Sparkes, e-mail: Robert.T.Sparkes@ca.ul.com

Let us know if you find out the answer to the question.


Joe Tedesco, NEC Consultant