ICA2 stickers

Hey, just received some more ICA2 stickers from Internachi. Too bad so many inspectors in my area have chosen to operate without the state required licensing for radon testers. I AM licensed and have the insurance, QC program in place and un-licensed guys come along and throw a couple of cannisters in a home, charge $30-40 bucks and keep going. The sad thing is, these are the same inspectors who “proudly” have the Internachi logos etc, on all their cards and literature. So much for professional dignity with NACHI inspectors. I am constantly being undercut by these illegal inspectors.

Randy Webb
Gumshoe Home Inspections
State of Ohio Licensed Radon Tester
ICA2 Certified, Member, InterNACHI, Certified HUD Inspector

File a complaint with ESOP is you think an inspector is committing a crime. Glad you like the IAC2 decals.

30 or 40 bucks?
They won’t be around long. That doesn’t pay for the return trip, much less the lab . . .

Anyway, welcome aboard, Randy!
BTW, you may want to spell “IAC2” instead of ICA2

IAC2 sticked arrived, Thank you

Thanks for the ICAs decals!!!