Icbo #5193

Need this in electronic format (or scanned and e-mailed). Anyone got it?

Thanks, a ton!!

Hey Scott,

Are you referring to a Uniform Building Code section? ICBO - International Conference of Building Officials was the publisher of the the various UBC Codes. Which have now been replaced by IRC Codes which are published by ICC - International Code Council.

Try here: http://www.iccsafe.org/

Good Luck!

It’s in reference to the Hilti fastening ‘goop’. Called “hilti hit HY-150”. It’s used for anchoring rebar in concrete for various purposes.

The Hilti HIT-HY chemical (epoxy) systems are about as good as it gets for fastening rebar or threaded steel into concrete.

What info are you looking for from the ICBO?

I need to quote the ICBO 5193 It’s not code just an outline of strengths of the product and uses. (if I remember correctly)

I do special inspections for an extremely large government job going on up here. I have done several so far for the Hilti fastening but now they want the ICBO quoted in the report (one page).

I watched them unbox, load, prime, fill holes, and insert the rebar. Passed inspection when I saw them unbox the Hilti 'goop" and load it into the holes.

Is this what you need?