ICC Boot Camps

I would like to thank everyone that has signed up for the events so far. Next week I will be sending out the ACE Program to everyone that has paid for their seat. The program will include instructions on how to install and operate the program. The events have the following amount of seats still available.

Orlando 8-27 10 seats
West Palm 9-2 10 seats
Tampa 9-9 13 Seats

thanks loooking forward to it

Greg…what is an ACE Program?

The ACE Program is an acronym for the Assurance Check Educator software program. ACE is a testing simulation software that I developed to help me learn, study and pass the ICC exams.

We will be providing a copy of the ACE Program loaded with hundreds of sample ICC test questions to everyone who attends our “Education With a Purpose” seminars. The ACE Program will supercharge your study time while allowing you to practice what you have learned in a simulated testing environment. I believe the value that this program provides by itself exceeds the price paid for the seminar.

Those who are interested in seeing how it works can email me and I’ll send you a link where you can download an 8-question sample test.

Thanks Joe.

That’s very similar the cram in the real estate course it sounds like.