ICC IPM Code General Definition codes

The InterNACHI course “Property Maintenance & Housing Code Inspector Course” is basically Ben scrolling through the ICC course material so this is probably a question for anyone familiar with ICC.

Their glossary of terms (general definitions) has these one or two letter codes in front but there’s no legend to explain what these codes mean. Does anyone recognize any of these codes? They are [A] [BE] [BG] [M] and [Z], as shown in the image below:


Is there an actual question in there somewhere??

Just in case… here’s your answer!!


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Thanks for the link. It explains all the “designations” except for [M] and [Z]. But that’s ok because it did in fact answer my question and now I know that I can ignore them because they are not relevant for my purposes. Thank you @jjonas.

I know I should be more clear on the question. Maybe I should put it at the top in bold. I think this case is closed but just in case other people are confused about my question I’ve highlighted it here:

My point being…
If I had answered the question as written, my reply would have been ----> “YES” and you still would have no answer to your REAL question!


Lol, that is true. Thank you for answering the question I should have asked.