Ice on Line Set

Does anybody know why ice would be forming on 4 feet of line set near the perimeter wall inside of the crawlspace here in Ohio when the AC [not heat pump]has not been run and it is 20 degrees out ? :roll:

Thank you,

Darrell’s Home Inspections

Could be a split in the line. There is always the possibility that you weren’t the first inspector under the crawlspace since the home has been up for sale.

If it was a low spot in the line set and condensation was forming, it could be freezing as it drips dowm the line in that spot.

Might be a stuck reversing valve if it is a heat pump system.

Just a couple of WAG’s without knowing more.

With the extreme prolonged cold temperatures we have been having it could just be outside air. If the house is in negative pressure and the opening for the line set is not adequately sealed cold air can be pulled in and frost form on the line.