Icicles Under Deck

Call out to day to do a structural inspection on a concrete deck poured over wood framing. Once I saw icicles under the deck I knew the outcome would not be good…IMG_0532 IMG_0538 IMG_0533

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No weather protection? porous concrete? what can go wrong :slight_smile: But am curious, do you know why they poured the concrete? some sort of floor finishing? tile?

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Randy, what a mess. :roll_eyes:

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Apparently the contractor place roofing ice shield down on top of the plywood before he poured the concrete deck. It leaked around the flashing and at a large shrinkage crack that likely tore the ice shield. Its a tear down and start over job. According to the homeowner the original general superintendent quit three months into the job stating he was in over his head and never built a custom home. The homeowner decided to be his own general… It gets better the home owner had no contract, the framer went to the lumber yard and had the plans partially redrawn. Homeowner didn’t know why, but the house ended up 1300 SF bigger. The deck was built without treated joists. Homeowner went to a lawyer, but was told without a contract the only one that will get paid is the lawyer.

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Wow!! Hard lesson to learn.

Wow!..is all I can say. :flushed:

I gotta second Larry’s WOW. What a disaster!

I always want a concrete pad for a hot tub. Did they have an equipotential grid installed?

I saw something similar: Poured concrete over plywood with metal supports. The rain water seeps into the cracks and edges, making the plywood wet, the concrete helps hold the moisture. It is slowly corroding the steel structure. Their ‘fix’ was to paint the plywood so you could not see it rotting out LOL. That just keeps the moisture content in the wood higher.

It is the desert, so it is a disaster in slow motion. 150+ units condos are going to have a special assessment some day.