Wind Mitigation Question - Sorry if this has been asked before but if you encounter icynene - how do you proceed?


[FONT=Arial][size=2] Reacts slowly with water to produce carbon dioxide which may rupture
closed containers. This reaction accelerates at higher temperatures.
Inhalation at levels above the occupational exposure limit could cause
respiratory sensitization and risk of serious damage to respiratory
system. The onset of the respiratory symptoms may be delayed for
several hours after exposure. A hyper-reactive response to even
minimal concentrations of diisocyanates may develop in sensitized

Not good for Florida but then most foam has a reaction to water and higher static temps regarding emissions. Little difficult to specify exact type of foam unless MSDS sheets or other docs. available.
Pics and narrative as to closed or open cell and how it is being used, insulation, adhesions etc.



Every million dollar new home I work on has it. Only problem I know about is off gassing while spraying and for a few days after.

Sorry, I was asking about wind mitigation. Having a blonde moment.

Take a photo of the insulation and select “unknown” due to obstructions. That’s all you can do. Most of the time, the SPF will not be over the garage though.