ID Hacked a Re-Inspect - Your help is requested


Does anyone know the name of the bald guy who runs the Inspection Depot recruitment?

One of my clients was re-inspected & the “inspector” who performed the re-inspect got everything completely wrong.

His notes for what my original inspection said were completely wrong & not at all in line with the inspection I submitted. I think he fraudulently said he found mistakes in order to make himself look good.

  • He adv that my report said level C for roof deck when I marked A
  • He adv that my report said Single Wraps, when I marked “other” & made notes that the amount of insulation was to great to gain access to the roof to wall connections.
  • He adv that my report gave credit for SWR, my report is clearly marked “No SWR”

On top of it all, the re-“inspector” used square footage to calculate the wood frame & masonry!!! How can you measure exterior walls using the floor space inside!!!

I intend to contact ID & raise all kinds of hell.

Who knows how many other re-“inspectors” have butchered my reports causing my business to lose valuable insurance agent leads???

I want to complain at the top of the ladder at ID, but for the life of me cannot remember the bald man’s name that runs recruitment.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated - we need to stand up for ourselves & not let these incompetent drones ruin our businesses!

Thank you!

I think a guy names Michael Rowan owns it…thats the only guy I know. I could be wrong :wink:

The inspector doesnt input what your inspection said, that comes directly from citizens but it would be insteresting to here how it is so different.

Sounds like a lot of fraud to me. I hope you’re able to nail em.

I mentored a fellow INACHI inspector about a year ago and his home was reinspected by I don’t know who and they gave him credits he wasn’t entitled to. I doubt this happens often but apparently it does go the other way too. Experts? There aren’t any. Don’t trust em. Actually I’d consider myself an expert if only OIR would commission an entity to specifically put in writing how every question should be answered in every possible situation encountered in the field.

Bill York is great, really knows his stuff, I encourage everybody take his course but, he was wrong about the three nails on one side and one on the other for straps according to the latest revision of the form and that was taught for two years.

The inspectors don’t see the previous inspection until they upload all the information, unless the homeowner showed it to them.

That’s not true. You can see the previous inspectors information as soon as you schedule it.

I just don’t understand how all of my answers got so skewed.
Someone messed up big time & in turn makes me & my company look bad.

Again, I can’t help but wonder if this has has happened before & never been brought to my attention.

I would say this isn’t the first time. It won’t be the last either.:mad:

The previous inspection info that they compare it to, is likely from a different inspection than yours. Check with the agent, you will likely find that there was an earlier wind mit and that’s were the descreptancy can be found.

Similar situation occured with one of mine. Turned out, my wind mitigation hadn’t even been submitted by the homowner.

You should take your issue to Citizens.