I'd like to pay for an inspection…

Hey everyone,

I’m looking for a CMI who will let me ship them a head-mounted GoPro camera to record an inspection. We’ll pay for the inspection in exchange for your client’s permission to record/use the footage. We’ll edit the video down into two versions—one educational video for InterNACHI members, and one promotional video for you to use in your business. Anything identifiable about the house/client/etc will be edited out, as will any flubs/etc. you make during the video (we’ll make sure you come off as competent and professional as I know you are).

I’d like the home to be somewhat representative of a “typical” home, so nothing crazy like a log cabin/etc. If you’re interested, email fastreply@internachi.org and Nick or I will get back to you.


Please move to the CMI section!

Would we have to be doing a running commentary while doing the inspection?

Yeah, we’d want you to narrate the inspection. Good point, though—it’d probably take twice as long, so I’ll pay double whatever you would’ve charged your client.

Probably should be a home that’s already vacated, and the client would need to know that it’s going to take longer than usual.

Can you ship the camera to Canada?

I have a house in Titusville that we could use.

I agree. This is the InterNACHI website, not CMI’s.

I will be glad to do it. Send it to Greg or myself. I have plenty of work next week. Sure one of the homes would fit the standard catagory.

email sent

Email sent :smiley:

But just think,if you pony up $100,000 you to can have a logo and cool offers from Chris as well.

Notice he does not even respond which means you already know why.:wink:
This post is a CMI marketing ad.

Gee I am not a CMI so I must suck to bad to have Chris make such great offers and bet if Nate was here there would be even more.Darn

Just a plain old lousy ,low life ,good for nothing NACHI inspector.
Never use NACHI Inspectors …use only CMI.

NACHI inspectors are not good enough or qualified to make home made video .

The above is pretty much the vibe being felt by many of us.
"Please move the thread Chris"

I personally will offer $100 if Kevin Wood gets the job.
Anyone else willing to match me ?

In all seriousness, I would match that.

Ok, deal

I’ll match that offer Bob.

I think I may have a better idea.

You (a good for nothing NACHI inspector) and Kevin (a prestigious CMI) each do a cam recorded inspections and let “us” compare. :smiley:

I will pay all for KW if they will let me go toe to toe with him and mine would be free of charge

Chris just wants someone with experience. You don’t have to be a CMI, but you can’t be newer.

Define NEWER

LOL get them to inspect the same house compare/contrast.

Hey, maybe Chris can get Russ to agree, that way we could all see what he’s doing and rob his multi-inspector secrets before he goes ahead and patents his process. :wink:

Hey guys,

Just got the GoPro today. Still waiting on a memory card that will hold an entire inspection’s length. I’ll respond to y’all once we’re fully set up.