I'd like to personally welcome Mr. Decebal Adamescu to InterNACHI.

Same as it ever was, same as it ever was… Talking Heads

Hi to all,

any one got a fatted calf that we can sacrifice?




Sacrifice Hell no. I could use a good steak or a nice chunk of Prime Rib :stuck_out_tongue:

Where’s the beef?:twisted:


Where’s RH?

How ironic, one day everyone is cutting Tommy’s throat and now everyone is spoon feeding him. :roll:

I hope this was a very good lesson for everyone.

SPOON…I pictured shovels, pick axes and torches…

It is, until the next as the “INACHI WORLD TURNS” episode.


Welcome Tommy

Welcome Tommy. Today it’s dinner with the Big Guy. Next week who knows…maybe NACHI TV stardom. Hahahaha. Welcome aboard.


Welcome to planet iNACHI… resistance is futile…!

Adding insult to injury, here is the reason Nick deleted the original “Tommy stole” post:

Thread deleted by inxil
Reason: This thread may have been harming a member of InterNACHI

What an arrogant and self-righteous message. No lesson was learned from this, Brian. I’m sure everyone is feeling confident that they bullied someone into joining iNACHI. “Resistence is futile”, remember? Apparently, so is honesty and professionalism from some members.

'Matter of fact, I spoke with Tommy Adamescu today for about an hour by phone. Here’s what he had to say…

a) If you Google “Tommy Adamescu” or “Tommy Decebal Adamescu” in Google, the previous thread shows up showing the Tommy (Decebal Adamescu) stole from InterNACHI" title. Uhh…that thread is STILL harming a member of InterNACHI.

b) Tommy already consulted a lawyer, but after some reconsideration, he decided that getting into a battle with Nick wasn’t the proper solution. He said he doesn’t want money…just a public apology. He hasn’t received it from ANYONE.

c) Tommy was willing to fax Nick the letter from the printer that authorized his use of the content. Nick said he didn’t want it. If that’s the case, then what the hell was the previous thread about claiming that he “stole” something? Once again, it’s Nick’s blind grudge against all things “NAHI” - no matter to whom it is “harmful”.

d) The content that Tommy allegedly “stole” from another inspector wasn’t copyrighted at all. It was a list of cities. In fact, it was only a “similar” list, not even identical. Of course everyone’s blind faith without having all of the facts lead to various iNACHI members defaming Tommy for absolutely nothing more than the usual “mob mentality”.

e) People need to understand the stupidity behind the reasoning that it’s now okay for Tommy use iNACHI content just because he joined. That content is being used by thousands of non NACHI members, and yet, only one person was singled-out. If it’s really that big of a damn deal, then iNACHI needs to form a witch-hunt committee to find everyone who is “illegally” using the same content. Tommy even even offered to show proof of his innocence (or at least the misunderstanding), but nobody cared to hear the true FIRST before engaging in a smear campaign.

f) He confirmed that he did receive (a) communication from Fred Duemig, (b) Jeff Pope, and that © the person who called him a “NAHI a$$hole” without leaving a name was likely Nick.

g) Tommy did, in fact, try contacting Joe Farsetta on four separate occassion to join iNACHI (prior to the criminal accusation), but to no avail. Joe apparently told Tommy about a discount offer for iNACHI membership, and this is the reason he delayed in joining. In short, money was tight and he wanted to take advantage of the discount membership offer.

h) And finally, he couldn’t remove anything on his Website because his Web developer wasn’t available due to serious illness…especially over the weekend.

But, do any of you really think that Mr. Adamescu is going to forget the fact that the people he “hopes/hoped” to depend on in this fraternity of “inspection brothers” (as you guys like to call it) is going to forget that some of the key figures here tried to burn him at the stake?

Also consider this…

As iNACHI member, you guys pay membership dues. Those dues are supposed to be used for the betterment of this association’s benefit offerings to her members. One day, Nick is going to piss someone off that your dues are going to be wasted on defending Nick and NACHI – and perhaps everyone who “sniffs the ether” here. Is that how you want your money spent? $50,000 here, $100,000 there, $75,000,000 everywhere](http://dockets.justia.com/docket/court-flmdce/case_no-3:2007cv00967/case_id-206077/) - all over a lack of diplomacy from what is supposed to be one of the most prestigious inspection organizations on the planet?

If any of you can look beyond arrogant boldness that you “think” you should have to be a member of this message board, then you’ll realize that iNACHI is riding a razor thin line between greatness and shame. Choose your path. iNACHI is what its members make it to be.

Fact is, this message board needs fresh users who care more about growing their businesses than picking on people who aren’t around to defend themselves.

Ha… It looks like the low life has struck again…

*(http://www.nachi.org/forum/showthread.php?p=293622#post293622)1/9/08 7:30 AMBrian, F U C K you! You chicken S H I T scumbag mother F U C K I N G cocksucker! Signed Luv Mom

All I have to say is, the truth hurts sometimes. :slight_smile:

In this instance someone at the helm made a drastic error. :roll:*

What the HECK was that all about :shock: :shock: :shock:

Oh, and uh, Good morning :smiley:


WoW…Signed Luv Mom…and they call you a chicken. Personally I agree with your previous post.*

Soooo totally uncalled for. Say what you like about freedom of speech, this is behavior unbecoming.*

What’s really sad is this person is a probably a member. This is my 2nd or 3rd message from this idiot, always the same.

It’s probably Nick.

Get off your high horse Robert. How long will it take for you to delete this one? Things haven’t changed much in the last year…:neutral:

:slight_smile: :cool:

Contraversy keeps great rankings/ratings on the net!

NACHI is beginning to develop into a TMZif you ask me.

I wonder who our drunk Britney will be!?

What high horse, Steve?

No “probably” about it Brian. Only members can leave reputation. Sadly, cowards use that medium to post without reprecussion. What the cowards need to learn, is that saner heads alwaqys prevail on this Forum.

just my 2 cents +GST