ID this panel please

200amp, aluminum bus bars. What make is this? Zinsco?

Looks like a Zinsco from my house!,HPIB:2006-13,HPIB:en&q=zinsco&sa=N&tab=wi

Thought maybe. Thanks very much!!!


Just for the future here are some tips to know if it is a Zinsco.

1.) Aluminum Bus Bar running down the center of the breakers and the breaker appears to simply SLIP OVER the bar, while it can be copper…many are Aluminum.( Example # 1 Picture )
2.) The breakers handles tend to be Turqouis, Red, White and Black and maybe other colors which is not the norm for breakers but if they are colorful…good sign it is Zinsco .( Designer must have been a painter )( Example # 2 Picture )
Example # 3 picture is of BOTH…

Their are many ways to tell but those tend to be quick ways…without getting too technical and involved…those should set you on to them right away…

Example 1 Example # 2: Example #3:](“”)